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History of Uoriki in Tsukiji

Introducing the #1 fresh fish shop in Japan that boasts the quality of Tsukiji: Uoriki

Uoriki’s signboard alone creates an overwhelming presence of Tsukiji, giving their employees a sense of pride and meaning to their work. Uoriki’s knowledge and experience in the industry is constantly evolving and growing over the company’s 90-year history. As such, the brand remains to shine brilliantly in the sacred mecca of Tsukiji.

The Mekiki technique refers to the meister of the market who holds years of experience in the industry and specializes in using their excellent perception to rank the quality of fish that they appraise. There are many Mekiki experts on the Uoriki team.

With the modern times of constantly changing diets and consumption trends, Uoriki has witnessed this change impacting the demand for seafood at Tsukiji as well. At this turning point in the era, Uoriki is set on one goal for the next 10-20 years: revitalize the prosperity in Japan’s seafood industry, and deliver rich, fresh fish from Japan’s dining table to households all across the globe. We are excited to introduce ‘Hyoketsu’ to the world.

Uoriki Logo
Experience in Tsukiji


Tokyo’s world-renowned Tsukiji fish market opens for business bright and early in the morning. Gathered there are fish from all over Japan, each having been treated with either age-old, traditional methods or the newest, most advanced techniques in order to be on par with the highest quality of seafood. The sight that beholds you is as if you were standing right at the fishing grounds. To claim that Japan’s world-famous quality of traditional sushi is upheld by the Tsukiji fish market is certainly not an exaggeration.

Today, travelers from all over the world fly to Japan just to visit Tsukiji fish market, with everyone aiming get a taste of the market’s famed fish. True to their expectations, these travelers are consistently blown away by the fresh quality of seafood used in the sushi, donburi, and other dishes that the Tsukiji outer market has to offer. Without a doubt, Tsukiji’s name itself has become a brand, becoming synonymous with ‘the best fish market in the world’.

Amidst Japan’s countless number of sushi restaurants, seafood-carrying supermarkets, and daily sashimi and sushi consumption, the country’s demand for seafood is truly immeasurable. Everyday fresh and frozen seafood are shipped and distributed not only within Japan, but all across the globe. The market that controls this circulation is truly unparalleled in this world.
Where the best of the fresh fish are gathered and examined, Tsukiji fish market is not just the world’s number one for the size of their market. It also reigns in all aspects of the fish’s quality appraisal, precision in selection, and management in consistency in quality as the seafood is delivered to its destination.